In any development project funded by donors, achieving sustainable outcomes is critical to success. Yet many factors hinder goals from being realized. Reflecting on this challenge, Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman once stated that the value we get for money spent depends on whose money we spend on whom. Value differs if we spend our own money versus someone else’s, as well as if those funds are allocated to ourselves or someone else.

As a result, the chances of getting the most value for money spent are highest when people spend their own money on themselves and lowest when they spend someone else’s money on someone else. The lesson here: to optimize value when you are funding projects through donations (essentially spending other peoples’ money) you need an incentive system to ensure you achieve your goals. That’s where we come in. Results Associates specializes in creating those incentive programs. In fact, it’s our mission.

We Help Donors Maximize Value from Taxpayers’ Money

At Results Associates, we collaborate with donors in the Monitoring and Evaluation Services (MES) and Public Financial Management (PFM) sectors to boost outcomes. Essentially, we specialize in these two areas, harnessing our expert knowledge to ensure more value for funds spent. Here’s how:

  1. We work with clients to devise and implement an incentive system that ethically realizes desired outcomes.
  2. We partner with customers to build a viable infrastructure buttressed by robust internal controls and proactive engagement of beneficiaries that sustainably delivers donors’ intended outcomes over the long haul.